How to Catch Ideas For Writing

Some people say that writing is easy, whereas others still stay at their contradictory. Advanced writers have likely been experiencing a long journey prior to their current writing world, and that is why they say that writing is easy to do. In this case, perhaps they do not remember again all their pains they might have been facing during their long road of journey. They are harvesting what they have planted long before, and writing seems to have been coming easy. Writing has been one of their hobbies and it has been intact in life. How is about the beginner writers? From which side should they start writing? Catch the ideas first!

Most beginners are likely not in the line opinion with the seasoned writers. They still find it difficult to write; it is hard to spill their idea into the subsequent powerful sentences on paper. Some people say that there are unlimited ideas that we can catch everywhere at any time, at any occasion. In fact, beginners - like me- do not always grab this idea easily and often do not see any idea. We feel blank.

In order to know from which side we should write and how we may catch the ideas and engrave them in the form of subsequent words, these ways may be useful.

1. Be alert to catch up the ideas

It is true that there are unlimited ideas around. They may come to us at a sudden, in spontaneous, and unpredictable fixed time. Ideas may be coming from stimulus when we are in the use of five human senses of touching; tasting; smelling; visioning; hearing. They may also vanish in a twinkling, so we must always be ready to catch them and to ‘stick’ them on paper. When ideas are suddenly coming, write them down on paper or type it on computer without any delay before they jump up.

2. Find ideas by experiencing whatsoever at surroundings

Ideas are rampant at our surroundings. The problem is that we are not accustomed to see them and take them out. We are not sensible enough to discover these veiled ideas. Many people may be taking some trips, visiting certain places or meet someone to make a little bit of interview. By developing the sense of ‘investigation’, we unveil the disguised valuable ideas to write down. From the long journey we may record what we have seen and felt, which are not only valuable ideas for writing but it may be valuable learning process of living.

3. Read supporting sources to develop ideas

When we have caught an idea from the surroundings, it may be just a plain and simple one, which is not at all attractive to anyone. Then, it is the next step to develop this idea into one that is interest capturing and reliable, so that when it is presented in the form of writing it will evoke readers’ interest. What we are writing will not only show readers the contents; it will further represent how far our insight about the topics is. So, read related sources to enrich and support the idea.

4. Make reading a habit

To be a visionary, as a writer should be, it seems that reading is not a separate activity from writing. As a beginner writer, at first stage, we may start reading whatsoever of our preference. Then, step by step, we have to develop reading as our daily needs, like our body needs food and drink to survive. At the later stage, reading is not just a habit but it is the part of life. As in fact, reading is the part of writing; it will shape and color what we would like to write.

5. Start writing

Like ammunition of a mortar, people will not know how powerful it is until the weapon launches and it explodes, hitting the targets. How brilliant your idea is, just like ammunition, it does not give any effect to others unless you write it down. That is why writing should be directly commenced soon after we catch the idea, without fail. Write it down before it vanishes from us. Do not think that our writing will be automatically perfect from the beginning, it will come as a result of many practices or rehearsals. Our writing will be getting smooth and perfect in the line of how much practices we have been doing, so start writing from now and at any time.

This blog will not justify how perfect the articles are, but it is more likely a forum where I myself, and anyone who may concern to English learning, can spill out their ideas, a place for free expression of viewpoints and opinions.

Mojokerto, 07/07/2009
the site keeper

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