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There are so many ways from which one may make earnings, and the profession of a translator is still promising. As English ‘rules’ the world, with no limitation of space and time it is spoken all over the world, you have many chances of making money with your translation works, anywhere and at any time. Here are some tips of how to be a professional translator, both as permanent or freelancer translator.

A translator could be permanent one who is working for a certain company or bureau, or a freelancer who works independently and not tied to only one party. Permanent translators may be working for translator bureau or Publishing Company, from which they get salary monthly. They are paid regularly a certain amount of money for all the works they had been doing during the month.

While, freelancer translators are language workers who are working independently and not tied to a certain institution. They look for jobs freely and are paid based on the job volume they may have been doing during the month. Income will depend on how many works they have done. The more works finished, the more earnings they will take home.

Working as a translator is still promising today, but is not always identical with the loose competition. Publishers, especially the big ones, usually have their own permanent translators who are working on the assigned jobs the company gets from partners. Or, they have their own network of freelancers from whom they usually take the service. Anyway, freelancers are widely on demand as small-medium publishing companies spread out the country.

If you are interested in the book translating works, you may now start to make your dreams come true. Apply to publishing companies who publish books of your interest. For example, if you are so far interested in fiction then you apply to publishers who publish fictional books like novels, biographies, autobiographies and the likes.

Here are the ways that may be taken:

1. Apply to publishing companies

Application must be made in such a way so that it reflects your competence and experiences. Describe in what thing you are interested in, what you have achieved so far, and who have been taking service from you. If you have gained some achievements, you may include them to support. Like you have fairly translating records, you have been abroad for years, or have been taking long journey in the related works. Principally, here you sell yourselves to draw the first attention.

Do not forget to attach along with the application your specimen. Type your specimen in A4 with 12 font of Time New Roman double spacing. It is of 5-10 pages or one chapter. From this sample, publishers will assess you. If they think that you are the most adequate with their requirements, then they may give you trial orders.

2. Offer the works to publishers

If you have taken a book of your interest and translated it just because you think that it has high selling point, you may offer it to any publisher of the same interest. In your offering letter, tell what has encourage you to translate, selling points they may take advantages from, and estimated profits. Enclose the synopsis of your work to make it easier grabbing the contents in minutes.

3. Try as a freelancer of article translator

You may also try as a freelancer. Now online jobs are available and you can explore some of them who offer you best benefit, such as giving high payment and continual orders. Usually you are paid on per-word basis in US dollars. Works are usually on bids and within tight time to submit your translation.

Try to visit TranslatorsCafe or ProZ, an online translation service agent. Register on line, fill your profile and attach your specimen. Like an application letter, you sell yourselves here. If you qualify the requirements they are giving you trial offers. Explore some bids over there and take some offers that you think appropriate.

In Indonesia, usually you will be paid per-page basis. It is around 10.000 rupiahs per page, typed in A4 on 12 font of Times New Roman, double spacing. If a book of 200 pages, then you can figure out how much you will be paid. If you take offers from outside the country, you can be paid four times than one in Indonesia. They usually pay more than here. Why not to try?

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