Is it true that English is easy?

Personally, I dare to say ‘yes’. This statement may be agreeable to certain people, but it is not always so to the others. Even, for those who are concerned in this language, it is not one hundred percent acceptable. As a matter of fact, we still find many comments on some blogs or else, complaining that learning English is not as easy as saying it. Thus, there must be a thorough study why people say that learning English is easy and - at the other hand, some still adhere to the belief of the fact that learning English is not easy.

The experience of learning English, which will then render to a judgement that English is easy or difficult, will much depend on our initial perception of English itself. If, at the first step to commence learning we judge that English is easy, this perception will then come true. In learning process, we would find everything smooth in the line of our first perception. Everything looks like running on its own track. It is reasonable as usually ones with good perception of English will have greater motivation and almost do anything to understand the language. In the contrary, if at the first step we judge English as difficult subject to learn, it is most likely that we will be facing difficulties everywhere. The reason is that how comes ones with no interest of the subject will enjoy learning. Our first perception of English learning is so important as it will outline you to the easy side or the difficult side of learning.

Although it is true that our good perception is so important, as it will then render us to which side we will be, but it is not enough. Language skills do not derive from a dream. Nor, do they come form a hope. It is not enough to only have a good initial perception of English leaning and revealing a hope. To have adequate capability, we have to struggle to ‘conquer’ this foreign language. From this fact, we should be wise enough in seeing the term of ‘easy’ itself. ‘Easy’ means not difficult to learn with subsequent enforcement to achieve the utmost result. It does not have the same meaning with just saying it’s easy. It is the wide opportunity to reach the best thing with willingness, efforts, and struggle.

So, is there any spectacular method to grab the instant result of learning? Linguists have proposed many methods of learning. In fact, all of them are good ways of learning. The most important thing is that how we can pick out one that most suits our style of learning. A method that is fairly good to some one is not always suitable for others. A good method will not impact us with good result unless we apply it to our learning. A method just supports the learning and our motivation will be taking the greatest part of the success. To my personal opinion, there is no instant method to grab the instant success of learning, as proficiency of English is coming from the process of successive learning. Anyhow, we should not be pessimistic with such a long process of learning, as the proficiency will be automatically coming in the line with the process. For example, today we are more proficient since we are learning more and, thus, we get more than we what did yesterday.

There should be no longer reasons to think that learning English is difficult and now it is time to get started. Here are some hints as a summary of the above discussion that may be valuable to encourage learning:
• Learning is just a matter of our willingness to do so with our high motivation and concern.

• Say that English is easy when you have decided to start learning, and unbelievably, you will find everything is easy.

• The most difficult thing is how to get it started, so do not blame that English is difficult any longer.

• Starting to learn means starting to gain the result, so do not wait the result until the end of the learning. You have got it when you start. In fact, learning will never end up.

• Language skills are coming from a process, the more practice you have, the better language skills you get.

To end the writing, let me again burn your spirit with the belief that learning English is easy. Of course, it is not like Aladin with his magic lamp that can change anything coming in few minutes. This will require our utmost concern, struggle and efforts. Anyhow, one thing is certain: you can! Then, why not from now?

Warm regards,

the site keeper.

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