The Importance Of Mastering English

Indonesia – as a member of the nations of the world - has realized the importance of this fact. The Ministry of Education has been unceasingly enhancing all of the efforts to widen scope and the quality of English teaching in schools. Not like ten years before, now English has been introduced in kinder garden schools to give children preliminary appreciation to this foreign language. English laboratory equipment, VCD player, full set of computers equipped with LCD projectors have been installed in many state schools in towns to support the language teaching. Studies, seminars, workshops, and up-grade of English teachers have been widely held to improve the quality of learning-teaching methods for the best quality of the outputs.

Let’s now try to find out the reasons why English is getting more and more important in life. Of course, there are unlimited benefits that may be taken from mastering English. Some are taken here just as an example.

1. Supporting higher education level

When English is introduced to students of elementary schools – or even of kinder garden schools – the main purpose should be giving a chance to them to appreciate English as a second language. The correct perception of English will lead the students to enjoy learning English. Learning the language with joy is the initial key in learning English, as the result of learning will much depend on whether students like of dislike the subject. This basic perception of learning the students get from the basic level of their education will support their higher education. When they continue their education to higher levels, English could not be separated from their daily activities. Bilingual teaching system is now applied as from Junior High Schools onwards and it is sure that adequate understanding of English is a must, rather than just an option.

2. Giving more chances in winning job opportunity

People said that vacancies are so limited and this situation has increased the number of jobless all over the country. This statement may be traditionally and popularly correct, but it is not totally true. Let us see the fact. Almost in any papers, both local and national, some vacancies are widely available. The problem is that the job hunters do not qualify the vacancies. Often, one of the requirements is proficient in both written and oral English. In fact, most of the job seekers do not qualify this requirement and only few applicants take the opportunity to fill the vacancy, and they are only those who have learned English as the most valuable investment for their future. Now, they catch it.

3. Giving more chances to career promotion

Like that of winning the job vacancy, mastering of English will still take an important role when we are working. Working is not only earning money for our daily livings. Working is the way to develop our knowledge, skills and personality and finally to reach the higher position of our career. Those who are proficient in English usually have a better chance for promotion. It is reasonably as career promotion should be for one who is above the average level. Candidates with proficiency of English usually have the better chance to catch the golden pin.

4. Giving a chance to help our children

Dr. Rose Mini AP Mpsi (Bunda Romi), after giving her speech in a seminar about children in Bandung recently, said that children could not learn any foreign language effectively if their parents do not have proficiency in the respective language. The children who learn English in school or any private English courses do not have any counterpart at home, as their parents are not capable in English. Thus, they do not have a chance to put into practice what they are learning at home. Children from English-speaking parents seem to be luckier as they have counterparts to whom they practice what they are learning outside.

In the demand of the era where capability of English is required in all fields, parents often ask more to their children, including the mastery of English. Unfortunately, they cannot help their children due to their lack of capability of the language.

5. Being a tool for self-actuating

Acquiring adequate knowledge of English will certainly make you more confidence with yourself. As a result of this, then you will not underestimate yourself when you are in the English-speaking community. You will be proud of yourself, be confident and always know what to do with the environment where you are standing. Thus, mastering English will help you for self-actuating. Not like those who just sit in the corner with their loneliness.

More advantages of learning English could be written; more chances may be found out. I just put here my personal opinion as example. The most important thing is not the how advantages written, but how far this writing motivate you to learn English as a foreign language. We should be proud of our national language, Bahasa Indonesia, but the more people with capability of English is also the pride of our country.


Mugito Guido
The site keeper of http://englishlearningcamp.blogspot.com,http://masgitocamp.wordpress.com

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