Bali: The Island of Paradise

Foreigners may know Bali better than our country, Indonesia. As a matter of fact, Bali is a province of Indonesia, the country in the East that comprises a thousand of islands. Bali is one of those islands, the islands that are scattered across the archipelago. This may have happened, as Bali is among those of interesting places of the world that is always charming visitors. One should not have ever visited our country unless he/she visits Bali, nor should they proclaim themselves as the real travelers without travelling this paradise. The splendid beauty of the island that has been enchanting its visitors all the times refers Bali Island to as the Island of Paradise.

Bali was discovered by a Mr. Cornellis de Houtman, during his world expedition to explore for species around the world in 1579. From Java they sailed to the east, before finally they landed on the beautiful Bali Island.

In Bali, he did not find any species thereto but the society with a unique living that he had never seen in other places during his expedition all over the word. The beautiful landscape of the island and its religious living tradition of the society were distinctive attraction that no other places of the world might offer. He reported this marvelous discovery to the king in Holland, then.

Since 1920, tourists from the European countries had been coming to this island. Hollandaise commercial vessels called on Bali during their exploration to find out resources of species and then promoted Bali Island as the Island of God.

Some of the visitors were cultural specialists and artists that visited Bali with special purpose of exploring the Balinese cultures and arts. Many publications about Bali were launched to promote Bali Island.

Writers of Balinese literature at that time were among others:

Dr Gregor Krause from Germany was sent to Wetherisnds East Idies (Indonesia) in 1921 with a special task of compiling writings and photographs of the Balinese traditions.
Miguel Covarrubias, wrote his book of the Island of Bali in 1930
Magaret Mead
Collin Mc Phee
Jone Bello
Mrs Menc (Ni Ketut Tantri) wrote her book of Revolt In Paradise
Roelof Goris, wrote a book of Prasasti Bali (Balinese historic inscription) lived in Bali in 1928
Lovis Conperus (1863-1923) wrote a book of Easwords (The journey to the east), contents of which was his admiration to Bali Island, especially Kintamani.

Arts painters who had been working in Bali:

R. Bonet built Ratna Warta museum
Walter Spies, who came to Bali in 1925, together with Tjokorde established Pita Maha Foundation. He also wrote a book of Dance and Drama in Bali.
Arie Smith, coming with style of young artist
Le Mayeur, a Belgian, married with a Balinese girl and was living in Sanur, Bali Island in 1930 with his Museum Le Mayeur.
Mario Blanco, a Spanish painter, also married with Balinese girl and was living in Ubud.

Many foreigners had been coming to Bali and made many publications about Bali, and they promoted Bali to Europeans and Americans since then. Visitors who had ever been to Bali share their experiences to others and this is a tremendous way to introduce the splendid Bali to the world. This long way of promotion which was at the first time from mouth-to-mouth that perhaps had been affecting people in other countries, up to this time being, to know Bali better than Indonesia.

Bali was getting more and more well known in the world when Legong Peliatan conducted a mission of tourism in 1932, to almost all countries in Europe and America. Bali was named as:
The Island of Gods
The Island of Paradise
The Island of Thousand Temples
The Morning of The World, by Pandit Jawahral Nehru
The Last Paradise on Earth, ect.

From any airport all over the world, visitor may fly to international airport Ngurah Rai in Denpasar, the provincial city of Bali. Since you step your feed on the airport, you will then experience the unique atmosphere of Bali: the living tradition of praying at pura (small temples for praying), beautiful Bali landscapes or enchanting seas panorama.

Guesthouses, motels, non-rated or five-star hotels are available in Bali and you may pick out one that most suit you. You may hire cars or motorcycles and enjoy exploring distinctive Bali at your preference.

The government has been unceasingly promoting Bali to other countries in many ways, such as: promoting through Embassy offices, tourism package tours to some other countries, brochures and leaflets, and other means of promotion. Now Bali has been the most visited-tourism destination in Indonesia, both by domestic and foreign visitors.

So, experience Bali! Bali Island, the Island of Paradise, it is true!

*pictures: from www.bali-pictures.com

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