Learning From Mbah Surip!

Not many people may have ever recognized him before, except his family and relatives, who Mbah Surip was. It was such a surprise when he was then coming as a very popular artist in the country. Not only his face was shown of nearly in every minute on TV screen, but his popular song titled with ‘Tak Gendong’ is tuck to every ear of children to adults. This song has been a blast in the music industry of the country. Thus, he was soon becoming a new billionaire who gained five billions rupiahs from his royalties. But, it startled anyone when he was reported as having passed away on 4/8/2009 around 09.00 local time. It was hot news.

According to his family and relative in Mojokerto (East Java) and his colleagues in Jakarta, where he had been living for 29 years, Mbah Surip whose origin name was Urip Achmad Riyanto, was know as having humble but tough personality in the struggle of life. He said that man should not be judged from the outer appearance when men at his surroundings in Mojokerto were disregarding him almost 30 years ago. At that time, he had been living in economically under the grade with his wife and four children.

With the tough spirit of changing to the better life, in 1980 Mbah Surip moved the cosmopolitan city as an urbanite. Not many people know what he was doing, nor does his family, until the time was revealing the fact that he was among of the most favorite artists in the country. One certain thing to believe is that his success did not derive from a merely dream, but it is the fruit of the struggle. The fact that he enjoyed his success only in short time after such a along way of journey is another destiny.

The sudden death of Mbah Surip might not only have been due to the excessive exhaustion, but it might also come from the accumulation of the bad habits. Dr. Ari Fahrial Syam SpPD-KGEH, MMB, an internist from Indonesia University was quoted as saying in the press release in Cipto Mangkusumo Hospital Jakarta, Wednesday (5/8).

Still according to the doctor, as exposed by the Media, with his so tight schedule of shows, Mbah Surip only took 3 hours for sleeping each day. He had been addicted to much smoking and coffee, as well. Excessive fatigue, less sleeping, high smoking and unceasing coffee consuming may have caused chronic disorder to health that can trigger heart attacks.

To avoid this threat, it is important to maintain our style of living. Besides enough hours for sleeping, we must consume food with less fat, and to avoid much coffee, supplement drinks and smoking. Consuming healthy vegetables, fruit, and at least two liters of fresh water is highly recommended. Periodical laboratory tests would also be necessary to take as a preliminary alert or anticipating. With such measures, it is expected that the risks of heart attacks may be eliminated.

Despite his neglected health care, we can learn much from Mbah Surip on how persistent he was fighting the life. He had unveiled the thing that looks like impossible to the pessimists, but it is not in his hands. He changed from the street-ranged singer to one of the high-ranked idol. Cruising the long journey of living with full confidence and persistent to gain the success.

Now, Mbah Surip has gone away to another step of human life cycle. Good bye, Mbah Surip! Rest in peace.

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